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Job of the Month

PCL Digital's 'Job of the Month' competition aims to spread awareness of some of your outstanding pieces of print completed here at PCL Digital, giving thanks to our clients for allowing us to create such fantastic outcomes.

  • We Choose

    Our team will choose a few of our favourite jobs.

  • You Vote

    Using Facebook you can vote for your favourite.

  • We Announce

    The winner will receive a prize.

PCL Digital shall be nominating their favourite print projects for Job of the Month. We promise not to discriminate when choosing – we shall be looking for jobs which are unique and that will be of interest to our voters. If your job gets chosen, you will be contacted by us to confirm that you are happy to participate.

You can be nominated many times throughout the year. Voting will take place on Facebook – we shall collect votes each month at a specified time. We can't control if you vote for yourself, but we encourage you to share with your clients, friends and family.

Winners will receive a package to congratulate their win and at the end of the year shall be featured in a PCL Digital product (to be announced during 2020).

Happy Voting!

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Job of the Month Competitions

We'd like to say a big thank you to those who were involved in our Job of the Month competition for 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we won't be holding any more Job of the Month competitions this year.

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