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  • What's your 2020 Vision?

    PCL Digital believe 2020 should be all about your clients. Building relationships with them, understanding their aims, their goals and treating them well...

    It all starts with a vision, an idea, a piece of inspiration landing on their doorstep which gets the ball rolling. And we are here to help. Read our blog for tips on making your relationship better with your clients this year.

  • Know your clients

    Get to know your audience and you will entice them more often.

    • Who are you working with?

      Having a trusting relationship with your clients is key to success. They're more likely to return and recommend you.

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  • Keep in touch

    Knowing your clients is one thing... But do you ever speak to them just because you can?

    • Talk Talk Talk!

      Keep in front of your audience by contacting them on a regular basis. If done correctly, you'll be the first to pop to mind when they need a service that you offer. And if they don't know about all your services, let them know!

  • Make it personal

    We live in a Digital World, but let’s be honest, everyone gets super excited when they receive a piece of print with their name on.

    • How was your weekend, James?

      Personalisation is so accessible in modern times and it is important. It makes everyone feel special. Use it in your email marketing and direct mail for spectacular results!

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  • Go big or go home

    I bet you remember the last really exciting direct mail campaign you received. How did it make you feel?

    • Check out this leaflet – I want one!

      Amazing, of course! Whether it was an email, a fancy flyer or a jam-packed envelope filled with fab print, we are sure it was something which made you feel special.

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  • Become friends

    We're not saying you need to be besties, but get to know your audience – what are their interests? What are they up to this weekend?

  • Contact

    Send out marketing on a regular basis – social media, email shots and direct mail.

  • Personalise

    Personalise your marketing by using first names or targeting a specific audience.

  • Go BIG

    Back up your emails with direct mail, give your print wow factor with special finishes, variable data and cut to shape leaflets.

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